Let’s talk about online classes!

I used to have online classes available for people to learn stained glass and floral preservation! But I realized I had so much more to learn, and wanted to better equipped people with the tools they need!

That being said, late April, I will be opening up classes again! :-) These will be online classes through the website teachable! And I will have two separate categories, one for floral preservation, and one for stained glass frames! This way if people just want to learn floral preservation they can have that class, and if they want to learn how to make their own frames, they can have the other class!! I’m still figuring out the prices just because I’m going to be packing in a lot of information in these classes & I want to make sure I price accordingly since I am teaching you most of what I do for my business :-).

The courses will be the basics for what I do for my business as well as for my frames! So you’ll be getting to know how to press, certain flowers, like roses, carnations, anemones, ranunculus, etc. As well as how to cut glass and design your own frame! :-)  

I’ve gotten so many questions over the years of how I create the frames I create & I want to share how you can too! Let me know what you think & what I should add to the classes!

⁃ Hope F.


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Is your pressing class available online yet?

Rhonena Hoyet

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