Let’s talk about tropical bouquets!


We can absolutely press, tropical bouquets, whether that’s bird of paradise or anthurium! we have a few different methods that we used to press these types of flowers!! With that being said, a lot of the tropical flowers won’t keep their color because I have so much moisture if they turned brown. As well as they tend to take the longest to press. It could take around 5 to 8 weeks to fully press out tropical flowers/greenery.

With tropical bouquets, I suggest we color correcting so that your color you saw in your fresh bouquet will be the color. Are you seeing your press bouquet. As well as overtime that color will remain because its color corrected, that means NO fading!

Some tropical flowers we have pressed are:
King Protea
birds of paradise
Needle Protea
Palm leaves
Queen Protea
Pink ginger

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