lets talk about color enhancement!

recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of different brides express that they don’t want their flowers fading! For the past couple months, I’ve been figuring out how to color enhance / color correct flowers, so that overtime your blooms will NOT fade!

This process is tedious but so worth the results! I feel confident in any color you will have in your bouquet & I know it will give a clean fresh look to your pressed blooms. this also keeps the integrity of the blooms colors while having them preserved forever.

From now on, I will offer this with any bouquet or with flowers that usually fade often ( like white roses )! This ensures that your bouquet will look the same throughout the years! I know how important it is for bouquets to keep their color because that’s what you remember on your special day! And I would love to make that happen! I know that fading is just a part of the process but I want to make this available if wanted.  

I’m excited to show this new option and I’m excited to have this as a choice for my brides!! Love you so much and can’t wait to chat with you soon

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Hello there, I am following you and I really like what you are doing, it’s an art!
I am from Romania, and I started to dry flowers and I am really curious how are you color correcting?
Can you help me with this?
Thank you 🙏
Warm regards,


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