Let’s talk about white bouquets!

personally I loveeee white bouquets. I feel like these are the bouquets that press so nicely every single time. white bouquets are stunning but when framing you might need some greenery or another pop of color unless you really set on just white roses. we always give you the option if your white bouquet didn't have greenery we could add some in from our stock pile. this create a nice contrast to an all white frame.

For the most part white bouquets hold up for a long time! In some cases white roses will fade more quickly into a tan/brown color ( like juliet roses) while others stay pretty cream/ivory for years. To help preserve your white bouquet for longer we suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight or the most humid part of the house ( like the bathroom ).  Our UV protected glass helps slow this fade but cant control how fast/slow it takes.

Pressing white roses I always always deconstruct. This helps with keeping that white color instead of pressing whole! With pressing whole there’s a lot more moisture that gets trapped therefore you have browning.

If you have anyyyy questions PLEASE feel free to ask!

- hope s ferdi


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