what sets us apart?

about our process

we take pride in preserving your blooms with the upmost care! We press your blooms with traditional flower press methods for 4-7 weeks! During that time we check on your flowers pressing every few days to make sure everything is going smoothly. After pressing we carefully design your custom to your preference & start creating the wall hanging frame! Every frame is made by hand by either me or woodworkers we know personally! 

The entire process takes around 10-19 weeks! After framing you will have your blooms pressed for a lifetime!


ask us about color correcting!

We now offer color correction for your wedding bouquet! this means your flowers will fade very little or not at all overtime! This gives peace of mind if you worry your flowers might fade / wont look as good as it did fresh!

We have curated techniques that work incredible for our pressed flowers to give the best quality to our bride‘s! We strive for excellence with all of our bouquets, and we are constantly learning new ways to improve! You can rest, assured that your flowers are in good hands, and that they will look just as vibrant as they did on your wedding day!