terms & condtions

Hey friend! It's Hope, from Olive Branch Studios & I'm so excited to preserve your florals.

Below is the Purchase agreement. Before we can get started all the below items need to be understood. You agree to this when purchasing a frame.

- I understand that once purchased there are no refund or cancellations unless event is canceled or you request the refund 14 days before event date. In that case 50% will be refunded to you.

-I understand that shipping the bouquet & its cost is my responsibility and instructions are sent after you purchase.

-I understand that if the bouquet is lost, damage, or cant not be worked with you will be refunded 75% back or have the option to use replacement flowers.

-I understand that this process can take 10-20 weeks before completed. I also understand shipping & handling can take 5-7 days on top of this.

- I understand I am responsible for labeling my bouquet with my name on the order/ order number.

- I understand that if an address needs to change, I am responsible for communicating that address change.

- I understand that if the bouquet needs replacements & you want those replacements there will be an extra fee you will need to pay.

-I understand not all flowers will be used because of flower condition or frame size.

-I understand I get to see the final design before sealed but after seal there can not be any changes to the frame

-I understand that I have no control how my bouquets presses & might fade, change colors, become lighter or darker then it was fresh.

- I understand that over time blooms might fade even using color correction, this is a naturally occurring process & nothing we do can prevent blooms from fading over time.

- I understand that designs I want sometimes will not work with the blooms I have but Olive Branch will be able to find a design that will work great.

- I understand that when shipping my bouquet not all flowers will make it & will receive a picture of what the bouquet looks like when it arrives.

-I understand color correction is included with my floral preservation piece & I have the option to deny any color enhancements

-understand that i get three design changes but after that the frame will be finalized.

-I understand that shipping frames are a risk and Olive branch studios will send a shipping label if in the case of frame is damaged during transit

-i understand that frames are handmade and each one is not perfect but unique in its own way.

—I understand that work hours are from 9-5 & emails might be delayed on the weekend or after hours.