about us

who is olive branch studios?
Hey, I'm Hope and OLIVE BRANCH STUDIOS started when I was in full time missions with an organization called
YWAM. All the funds went towards supporting me with this organization and trips out of the country to serve where it was needed. fundraising is scary and sometimes exhausting but there is so much beauty
in fundraising because you are never alone. You allow people to walk along side you & its feels refreshing knowing that people are standing with you!!
I transitioned put of the organization & this became my full time job! I've been preserving florals for the last 3 years & fell in love with working wedding bouquets the last two years! i've cultivated many techniques to preserve your bouquet in the BEST way possible. some included deconstructing blooms so that the remain their beautiful color & shape! Every bouquet is an honor to preserve, its something you will get to keep forever & past down to generations! i cant not thank you enough for choosing me to work with YOU! 


-hope f.